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Question: I would like to create a new questionnaire using an old questionnaire as a template. Is this possible?
Answer: Yes, if the old questionnaire is yours. Go to the settings page and look for "Create identical new questionaire" text.

Question: I want to create several questions with same answer options. Can I copy old questions into new ones?
Answer: Yes. Go to edit the questions and take "Copy question" from the questions list. Then rename the question in the "question" column and save the new name with "rename" button.

Question: Are my questionnaires safe in mielipiteet.fi?
Answer: Yes and no. The questionnaires will not be published without the user's permission, but on the other hand we cannot give guarantees about security breaches. If you are concerned about your data, save the questionnaire after you have received all the answers and delete the questionnaire, or at least the answers, from the settings page.

Question: Is it possible to give link to answers without giving access for editing also?
Answer: Yes. You have to set "Show answers page after user has replied:" to yes in the questionnaire settings page. After that you can give the link to the answers using the public id. For instance, if public id is "abcdef", then with link http://mielipiteet.fi/answers_processed.php?id=abcdef. If you want to embed the answers into some other page, you can load only the answers part my adding bodyonly=1 tag to the address. For example http://mielipiteet.fi/answers_processed.php?id=abcdef&bodyonly=1.

Question: I lost the address to edit my questionnaire. Can I recover it somehow?
Answer: Yes, if you saved your email address in the settings page. You can order questionnaire from here:
Email address:

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